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Who … you gonna call?

Right now, I’m thinking about “who.” You can come at “who” from a couple angles.  I’m going to focus on the person or people involved ... Continue Reading →

Crisis Management – are you ready?

Something happens at work where you as a manager need to get a hold of information for a co-worker or something happens to your business ... Continue Reading →

We’re Social Animals at Heart

As Harvey Fierstein so famously quoted in “Tootsie”,  ”I just want to be loved”. This also applies to our business relationships. Let me explain.  Business ... Continue Reading →

How, do you ask Why?

I recently stressed the importance and power of asking “why.” So true. However, at times the issue is how we ask why. Think about how ... Continue Reading →

Help for Personal Medical Record Keeping

One out of two American adults deal with a chronic condition.  In 2020, 157 million Americans will be affected by an illness.  If you or ... Continue Reading →

Ask Why?

Why? Such a forceful word.  Spoken by a boss it can be scary or empowering.  From a direct report encouraging or depressing.  From a 3-year-old ... Continue Reading →