CRM Excel Software for Customer Complaint & Comment Tracking


W5T Logo OnlyProduct Description:  Customized to easily manage and capture detailed customer complaints or feedback at the time of contact. Customer name, call date, specific feedback, expected response, defined actions and target completion dates are all important to providing excellent customer service. Follow up status and overall status can be added as the actions are implemented. All employees dealing with customers can have access to a complete historical record of conversations.  (See Images below)

  $299 one time license fee

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Cost Savings:

  • Save 50+% vs. Cloud based enterprise systems
  • Customer support available 7 days a week
  • Free upgrades for the first year
  • Future upgrades @ a 50% discount


Dashboard Page Settings Page

Cust Complaint Dashboard

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Cust Complaint Settings Page

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Customized for Customer Complaint / Comment Tracking and Documentation:

  • Date of Initial Contact
  • Product Part Number
  • Injury Type
  • Replacement Unity Needed
  • Required Actions
  • Status of Actions
  • Start / End Dates
  • Key Internal Contact

Category, Status & Priority Codes established customer service; easily modify to fit your exact business needs

Easy to Use:

  • Built for Excel users. Leverages the power of MS Office.
  • Fast set up, no IT support needed
  • FAQs and How to Use documentation included for easy reference
  • Simple to modify, no manual required

Operating System Requirements: Designed to work with Microsoft Excel for both PC and MAC. Windows XP and 7:  Office 2003, 2007,2010 and 2013. Mac OS X: Office 2011. Security verified macros provided to enhance software functionality.